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    Low fees and outstanding service
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs. Management Of All Maintenance & Emergency Services (Actual Maintenance Work Is A Separate Cost To The Owner). Electronically Transfer Owner Draws With Transfer Notification. Provide Owners With Online Access To Their Property’s Information. Scan Invoices & Documents For Owner Review. Digital Document Archiving. Involvement With Any Potential Buyers, Bank Refinancing, Etc. Monthly CPA Reconciliations. Our prepared ledger can be used for tax preparation (Schedule E). Bonded. Insured.

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    • Extensive marketing of vacant units
    • Coordinating work to prepare unit for new tenants
    • Screening and selection of qualified tenants
    • Preparing and executing up-to-date Rental Agreements
    • Collecting rents
    • Monthly reports of all financial activity at your property
    • Coordinate all necessary maintenance through our carefully trained maintenance staff
    • End of Year reporting that makes tax filing easy

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  • Property Maintenance

    Our company maintains Tier 1 relationships with multiple licensed, bonded and insured contractors who provide property maintenance services. We recommend that owners retain us to manage their maintenance needs using our Tier 1 relationships. We charge a 10% Maintenance Management Fee for this additional service. For example, if there is a $25.00 invoice from a electrical contractor who we sent to the property, there will also be a $2.50 MMF charge. In turn we handle all coordination between the resident and the contractor and handle the billing process. Typically, we inspect repair work after it is completed. We ask our approved Tier 1 maintenance technicians to provide quality work at market competitive prices with fast response times. We also require our maintenance techs to carry General Liability insurance to protect you our valued clients.